~~~hi~I'm Annie★☆

My name is Annie .It is weird that I'm grade 9, but I'm still a 13-year-old girl now. I'm a Leo, born in July.(looking forward to my birthday!)


My favorite color is...I don't know. I like every beautiful color in the world(sky blue, grass green and pink!) I like nature( besides insects climbing up on me). If there is one wish I can make, I'd love to live in the forest forever with my family, without any high-tech products.


I have many hobbies, like...creating something, designing(decorating our house, my room or friends birthday cards), drawing, listening to music(I don't prefer any Country, or any singer. If the songs are awesome, (I'll listen to it many)). Also, playing instrument(piano, guitar or pi-pa), going shopping sometimes, watching movies with friends and I play facebook, too.

(short hair me♥)(long hair me☆)

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